Sabrina is designing virtual worlds and poetic systems.

Virtuality is a metaphysical tool and can be used as experimental art research to open our cognition and sense of self, beauty and grace.

Blending analog and virtual, a dialogue between realities.

Here is my for my game poems.

A linkedin page.


MAB, a fairy dress (2024)


Chamonix : Sentinelles, a TTRPG with Nicolas Nova and Etienne Mineur, 2023

HARMONY : The Fall of Reverie, Don't Nod, June 2023

PROSERPINE, for Red Corner w/deletere lab, exhibition at Chroniques Arts Numériques, january 2023 Aix/Marseille

Spring Odyssey, with Elise Morin, for Lucid Realities, winner Prix du Jury Recto Verso at Laval Virtual ; official selection at SXSW 2023

Selfcare, with Brie Code, for TRU LUV

7 Lives, with Charles Ayats and Jan Kounen for Red Corner, nominated at Tribeca, winner best vr experience Arles VR 2019

The Inner Friend, for Playmind (Montreal, 2018)

kwaan, a tiny online virtual world with Maxime Plantady, for Ankama Play 2016, Nominated at Indiecade LA 2017

The Building is... with hide&seek, for the Joue le Jeu exhibition at La Gaieté Lyrique, Paris, 2012

WAKFU, a MMO rpg for Ankama, 2010

postmodern cadavers, a reserach group based in Second Life, 2006