Hi I'm Sabrina Calvo !

* I sculpt abstract fashion poetics : une impression de mode

* Perform fitting sessions with musicians and queer models

* Teach Fashion and Media Design at Head Geneva

* Am a novelist, short story and comic book writer

* Create virtual worlds : blends VR, XR and couture to explore relationships to fashion and spirituality

* Read prose poetry on stage ; I performed with Jeff Mills at le Louvre, Paris

* Won le Grand Prix de l'imaginaire en 2018 for my post-cyberpunk novel TOXOPLASMA


I was exhibited or spoke at Tribeca NYC, MIAM Sète, Biennale d'Arts Numériques Chroniques, Sonic Protest, GZ, Couvent Levat, SIGN, GDC, GDC online, Jardin botanique de Neuchatel, TCAF, LIFT Geneva, NYU, ADDON, London Natural History Museum, STUNFEST, Ludicious X, Immersity, SciencePo Paris, Stagconf Vienna, Amaze, TECFA Geneva, EIGD, Gamelier, Game Connection Paris, ENSA Paris, Congrès Boreal, indiecade LA, NIFF @CERN, Etonnants voyageurs, Utopiales, Imaginales, les Intergalactiques, Grrrrnd Zero, la Flèche d'Or and Mutek.

And I gave master classes, courses and mentoring at ENJMIN (Angoulème), LIFT (Geneva), the Bronx Museum (NYC) and Centre NAD (Montreal). I have taught at ESA, ESSAIX, HEAR and I was a guest lecturer at ENSAD (Paris), LISA (Paris) Concordia Uni (Montreal) and ICAN (Paris). I was juror at DICREAM.

I am a member of the ZANZIBAR and SALOON collectives.

Et voilà :)